Sarasota Garage Organizers for a Cleaner Garage

If your garage has seen neater days, you’re not alone. Without a place for each item, it’s difficult to get everything in its rightful place. At Diamante Storage Solutions, we have a wide variety of garage organizers to help you keep all of your items up off of the floor and stored properly in your garage. From overhead storage racks to wall racks and slatwall panels, we offer all of the organization supplies needed to maximize your storage space.

Garage Shelving, Wall Racks and More

Your garage organizers are an integral part of what makes your garage work for you. We work carefully with you to find out how you plan to use your storage space. This allows us to determine which organizers are going to be most beneficial to you. We carry products such as:

  • Overhead Storage Racks When you organize your garage, you shouldn’t forget about the space available over your head! Many homeowners forget about the ceiling and neglect to use its storage potential. We will install overhead racks that can store seasonal decorations, outgrown children’s clothing, and other items that you don’t need to access regularly. We can also provide space for you to hang your bicycles from the ceiling.
  • Slatwall Wall Racks Slatwall is a type of wall panel that allows you to insert hooks, latches, and various holders for the different types of items you need to store in your garage. What’s great about slatwall is that it’s totally reconfigurable. If you don’t like where a hook is placed, just slide it out and slide it in somewhere else! It’s very easy to use and makes your garage as customizable as possible.
  • Garage Shelving Open garage shelving is perfect for those items that you need to have close at hand. Our shelves are thick and sturdy, and they won’t warp or bend under heavy use. They’re also easy to keep clean and available in different finishes to match your decorating style.

We Can Get Your Garage Organized

Diamante Storage Solutions is among the top garage organization companies in Sarasota County. You can depend on us to provide the garage organizers you need to use the available space in your garage. Many of our clients are able to park their car in the garage for the first time in a long time after their garage organizer installation. Please give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.